Santorini: beaches, wine and more

Santorini is famous for the volcano, the sunset of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira and you can see everything with Santorini private tour. But is not possible to enjiy your vacations without a beach and now you will find out where you will make your dives on the beautiful island of Cyclades.

The surreal beaches

You have probably heard that Santorini is not famous for its beaches. Do not pay attention to rumors so that you do not arrive with your towel negatively disposed: You may not see turquoise waters and golden sand, but you will see other exotic things. In Vlychada, the sandy beach has a background of rare geological formations, which seem to come from a lunar landscape, in which you can climb.

In the inaccessible Red Beach, you will swim in waters that touch a salty sandy beach, with purple, almost like soil, sand from another world. And in Kamari, Perissa or the rest of the east coast of the island you will spread out against the background of the large pebbles and the black sand of the island, the result of volcanic activity. There you will also find the cheapest organized beaches, as the sunbed is not charged on this side of Thera. Enjoyable, alternative and even more picturesque are the dives in Ammoudi, the port below Oia.

Columbus: The most hidden beach with rocks of lava layers

Live a unique experience in Columbus. Arrive at the cape of Columbus in Santorini. Follow the path to Oia and reach a separate beach with black sand, and lava rocks cast their shadow. Enjoy your dives in the crystal clear waters which are always kept warm by the active underwater volcano of Columbus which is located just below.

Red Beach: The most beautiful beach is a wonder of nature

The top spot of Santorini for swimming is the Red Beach. Take your dips next to the vertical reddish rocks that create an unreal landscape next to the waters of the Aegean. Arrive from the archeological site of Akrotiri in just 5 minutes walk.


Reach Kamari and lie down on black sand and small pumice stones that cover this incredible beach. This is one of the most organized beaches on the island and in its facilities you will find everything you need. Combine the dives with a walk in Ancient Thira and enjoy a not so famous archeological site but definitely unique with incredible views of the Aegean.


Go to Perissa, the beach that never blows. The huge rock of Mesa Vouno protects it from many meltemia. Dive into the dark sand and clear deep waters and have fun at the organized beach bars, taverns and cafes right on the sea.

The archeological treasures

The archeological heart of Thera beats in Akrotiri, the ancient settlement from which frescoes, works of art and the ruins of a well-designed city with multi-level buildings, water supply system, furniture and all that are well preserved after the Minoan earthquake that buried them. No human skeletons were found in Akrotiri, which supports the theory that there were warning earthquakes that pushed the residents to mass evacuation.

At an altitude of 396 meters stand the findings of ancient Thira in Mesa Vouno, with ruins from the Hellenistic period. Finally, in Fira you will find the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum, with sculptures, inscriptions, ceramics and other finds from Akrotiri, Potamos and other parts of the island.

The wine

The special soil and climate of Santorini was a fertile ground for the Cycladic viticulturists, who endowed the island with a heavy tradition in winemaking. The white assyrtiko is the dominant of the wine production of the island, followed by the atheri and aidani. The famous local Vinsanto wine is in itself an experience for the instruments of taste – you can try it on the small local cannabis (traditional wineries) or in larger facilities, such as those of SantoWines, Koutsogiannopoulos, Gaia Winery, Ktima Sigalas and Kanava Rava. Of course, you will find local wine in every restaurant on the island.

The food

Greek cuisine at its best! Simple ingredients that are “born” in volcanic soils and marry with traditional recipes of the Aegean. In Santorini you must try anhydrous Santorini tomato, fava beans, capers, white eggplant, tomato meatballs, sponge and plenty of fresh fish. Since we talked about food, enjoy from classic fish appetizers to exquisite gourmet dishes – do not neglect to try Santorini fava and Santorini salad with the exquisite tomatoes of the island, but also always have your mind on the list because the prices are not what we would call affordable.

You will try good and not very expensive food in the taverns in Ammoudi, the small port below Oia, for a more picturesque and quiet island setting. Then extinguish the flavors with the famous sun-dried wine Vinsanto and Nyxteri (from the white varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani).

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